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We Customize Everything!

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-Decals (Vehicle Quality)

--Removable Wall Vinyl

-Any Apparel 

-Electronic Devices


-Wood Signs

--Cutting Boards

-Water Bottles/Tumblers

-Towels, Flags, Socks

-Your Imagination

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Nonprofit Fundraiser

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Welcome to our life on a site! We are Pete and Tammy, a loving and crazy couple living the United States Navy Family lifestyle with two beautiful little girls and whole lot of adventures. Our goal is to connect you to a world of informational blogs, videos, How to's (and the how DONT's), products, and everyday tasks and tribulations we have experienced or are living at the moment.  Our hopes are to help create a 1 stop shop for many different needs with awesome links to every day life.  To learn more about us as individuals and what we expect to provide here, follow the link below. We look forward to expanding this into an endless information flow. 

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