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Tammy Lancieri  Owner and Operator of CWSL

United States Navy Veteran

Amazing Mother and Loving Wife

     Hey y’all.  Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me and where I come from. I grew up in Northern California, born in Stockton (not somewhere I recommend visiting, haha). My family made their way to Ione when I was 15. I graduated from Argonaut high school in 2007.  I Enlisted the United States Navy that same year shortly after graduation.  

     I didn’t know what the military was about, but I knew I needed to be there and I am kind of a spur of the moment type which we can dive into that more on our following my blog.  Here is a snippet of my career in the Navy. I rated as an Aviation Machinist Mate (AD) and went straight to "A" school and started working on helicopters.

My first duty station was the World Famous Golden Flacons, HS-2 which I decommissioned after completing an overseas deployment in the Arabian Gulf in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom attached to the USS Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72 .  I was a part of the commissioning of the new command, HSC-12 (still The Golden Falcons). My continuing tours took me to HS-10 Warhawks, HSC-23 Wildcards, and then to my final command at Naval Medical Center Balboa working administration. The Navy was a big influence on my life and who I am today.

     In 2010, I met Pete while we were both stationed in San Diego. We fell in love and adopted our first Great Dane child, Axle. We went to Las Vegas and got married in October of 2011 and let me tell you this part because it is the most interesting part of our wedding story. We wore our football jerseys to get married, mainly because it was a Sunday during football season and possibly because I did not have anything else to wear, so why not right? I was wearing a 49ers Montana jersey and he, of course, was wearing his Philadelphia Eagles McNabb jersey. I fully admit that I traded my team in for the Eagles, but I still have that 49ers jersey hanging in my closet, hehe. That was our wedding. Simple, just us, and no regrets. Just two poor twenty year old shipmates, a 500 square foot apartment, and life ahead.

     Shortly after getting married, we decided that me getting out of the Navy was the best choice for us if we were going to start a family. I know many people who are duel military and rocking that family life but that was not for us. I ended my Navy journey in 2012 taking lots of knowledge and pride for the military with me.

     I used my GI Bill and started college earning a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice after a very long 6 years on and off. We had Kayleigh in 2014, while RV’ing. Then we did a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to beautiful Hawaii in 2015. We bought our first house in 2016 on the west side of Oahu. We were blessed with daughter number two, Raelynn, and spent four years on that island with many great experiences that we look forward to sharing with you in future stories. The “amazing” process of picking orders for Pete takes us to 2019, PCS’d to Washington State and we are spending the next few years in the beautiful Pacific North West (PNW).

     Here we are in our 30’s with two amazing kids, three dogs (a Great Dane who is my ESA, a German Shepherd, and a Chihuahua), a husband that is gone more than he’s home #SailorLife, and tons of life experiences to share with our followers and the world.  Nothing will stop me from achieving my goals, and we hope to help you find that fire to achieve yours as well.


Our dream for Crafty Wife and Sailor Life is to help all of our followers gain knowledge through our life experiences and get a good laugh at the craziness that is our world. We will be contributing to charities that hold a special place in our hearts through fundraising, product sales, and by YOU shopping with CWSL’s Partners.  We really want everyone to succeed in life no matter what that means for you.  We will strive to give you that little something you may need to get up and rock each and every day!

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