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Living with COVID update. Corona free but still in a 220 Square foot scene!

Thanks for following along with me throughout my isolation. Readers have kept me enthused about the my very monotonous daily routine and the follow ups on the workout videos have been great. I love to start with a question and would enjoy your responses in the comments below.

What is the one thing you have done to consume your time since the stay at home orders started? If you have been in quarantine, isolation, or COVID positive, what did you do pass all the alone time and stay sane?

For me, it has been a hell of an educational period. I have spent countless hours learning web design, graphics, business marketing strategy, and more importantly the basics of writing again to give a somewhat presentable blog to you readers. Here I am still stuck in a 220 square foot room for going on 41 days without any real interaction. Could you imagine doing this back before cellular devices and video calling? I do not think I would have made it this far. I would not have been able to accomplish any type educational points or research to meet some of my yearly goals. Thankfully we live in the age of technology which has made this as close to a simple evolution as possible. Not easy, but not impossible.

Right now, I am still spending my day working out as much as possible. I have a corner cutout in the room where I do my exercises and knock out my every 30 minute workouts (Dirty 30) throughout my day. I wake up, make my bed, wait for my breakfast to be dropped at the door, and I usually get straight to reading and studying different a marketing strategy all over the internet. There is endless education to be found in Blogs, Youtube, free audio books, and podcasts. Endless! There is no excuse for not achieving new things whether your have 2 hours of free time a day or 20 you can find what your looking for and see it broken down to the simplest of terms. Being lazy has never been an option for me. I feed of being busy and accomplishing new things. For me, it all starts with a checklist almost everyday or just an ongoing one that I keep in my agenda, that anyone who knows me, knows I keep on me almost all the time. Seeing things on this list diminish is what makes me tic and adds structure to what I’m doing.

Am I still Living with COVID-19?

The answer is no, but I am still stuck in isolation until it is time to meet up with my new command. I officially had my second negative test on May 26th. I was lucky. Never did I have any real symptoms, nor did I experience any real fatigue. At most times, I hardly believed I had it except for the respiratory issues during workouts. Yes, while working out I would be at a loss of breath much more frequently than my normal operating levels, but this could also be due to letting my ass get out of shape to an extent.

What is the COVID testing like?

There is nothing good about the Corona testing. It is an unpleasant experience form the drive up to the time you exit. I was unlucky enough to be in an area where you do drive up testing. The interesting part is how I must go about getting there. I do not have my own vehicle with me since I am 2000 miles from home, so the first part is coordinating with my point of contact to get a sanitized ride. This entails, bleaching the car, having runner gloves for the ride, and ensuring a mask is always worn. The military has gone above and beyond to simplify this for us, and I could not see it working anymore efficiently then it is which is a big feat for a military operation. Anyone who has been on active duty can attest to the amount of run around involved with most day to day operations.

Where I am, you pull into a parking garage with and go through checkpoints where you are asked repeatedly questions about your health and why you have come for testing before you make your way to the actual test zone. Once you are there it is time to fill out paperwork. This is all the standard questions about your health like whether your have a fever, pneumonia, or any other illness lately, but goes as far as asking if patient has died…yes I have to fill out the check box stating that I, myself, have not died at this point. You would assume that is a given, but it is handed back if not selected correctly. I contemplated putting DOA (Dead on Arrival) numerous times, but for the sake of no one joking around at the checkpoint, I don’t. Now your paperwork is finished and time to verify you are who you are which is easy with a photo ID an ensuring your swap container has your details on it. From there, here comes the doctor or nurse donned in a half bio suit and face shield to jack your nasal cavity all types of up. The stick that goes up your nose is about the width of a q tip and about two times the length with a mini pipe cleaner on the end to make for a great ride into the nostril. For 5 seconds they spin this think up your nose and to where it feels like its cleaning behind your eyeballs. Then, bam your done. Eyes all teared up and depending on the facilitator a nice bloody nose to carry on with. Now, what I forgot is for you squeamish people, there is no laying back getting comfortable while this happens. You just stick your face out your car window and go. I would love some feedback here on how your kids handled this. I did it with quite a few grown men and women who were nothing but upset about having it done. So, how did your children take it? How did you take it? I could not imagine having either of my daughters do it. I don’t think they would talk to me again that day. Just taking them for a two second shot leads to a 1 hours scream session before the nurse even clean the area to give the shot. Have your ever seen a kid turn down a sticker? Mine get so angry that I end up with stickers ta the end instead.

Well that is the follow up on the testing and my negatives. Give some feedback to some of the questions generated in this post. Most of all Stay safe out there. Our country is going through some tough times and hopefully these violent protesters can be stopped and the peaceful protesters can get their voices heard.

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