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All About Me- Pete (Sailor Life)

Where did it all begin? I was born and raised in Bucks County Pennsylvania in a small know known as Bristol. It is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone else and their entire family. Needless to say, it is a strong family and friend bonding town, and you could never get away with a thing. Trust me. I grew up with in a two-person working household, and those two were surprisingly amazing parents in that they taught me so much and allowed me grow as fast as I could. From a young age I learned the life lesson of work for what you want, from news paper routes to local odd end jobs, I was always trying to make self-money for my own independence.

In My High School years, I attended Bristol Junior Senior High School where I pretty much had the same friends from kindergarten to walking in my senior year for graduation. I was always into sports, but I hade one hundred things I focused on being good at rather than being great at any one of them. That is just my style. I like to get involved in everything and if I have not tried something, I am sure it is on my to do list.

I went on to attending La Salle University in Philadelphia for Finance and Accounting, but I cut that short once I realized how not of a fit I was for the 9-5 corporate office job life. I grew up thinking I would be on wall street or in a law office fighting big corporations, but then you grow up and your views and feelings change. After leaving school I had odd end jobs doing construction through different family businesses, working at home depot, leaning accounting work as bookkeeper, and anything I could do until I figured things out. I was going to do something, but what? The navy was high up on my list, and as guy who loved working out, shooting guns, and doing adventurous things I wanted to be a Navy Seal which kicked off my Naval Career.

In 2010 I joined the United States Navy as Enlisted Undesignated Sailor and was soon assigned to the USS Princeton in San Diego California as a Deck Seamen working with Boatswain Mates. This was a dream of mine at the time to make it to the west coast. Up until this point I had traveled almost no where and been around the same people my entire life. I had a blast and my first few years were all over the place. I had roles in driving the ship, navigation, preservation, and lots of special evolutions you can read about in our blogs. I was fortunate enough to attend Rescue Swimmer school and Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) schools and get to do lots of fun things from drug recoveries to fisherman rescues. I married the love of my life, Tammy, who is a Navy veteran and a badass mom currently working for the Department of the Navy. Again, you can find our adventures throughout our blogs. In 2012 I finally got a rating as an Operations Specialist (OS) Petty Officer Third Class and would go the next 8 years making my way to Chief (E-7), One of my Naval Careers greatest accomplishments at this point.

Our journey through life has been awesome with many learning experiences we hope to share with you. We had our first beautiful daughter, Kayleigh, in 2014 while RVing in San Diego which one great life experience. We did a Permanent Change of Station in December 2016 to the historic Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I was stations aboard USS Michael Murphy, DDG-112. The namesake and the Crew of the Murph will stay with me forever. It was an amazing Journey that you can follow as we dive more into our lives in future posts. In 2016 we were attacked by the baby stork again, giving us another beautiful little girl, Raelynn and leading us to our first owned home that same year on the West shores of Oahu. This tour set a foundation in our lives from friends and professions to family and growth. It was here that I can say with pride I came Up Through the Ranks, Without Walking the Plank! From OS2 Lancieri to Chief Lancieri, and then my best professional accomplishment this far…Ensign Lancieri-Operations Limited Duty Officer. Finally, a Mustang 10 years down the road.

Now here we are in 2020, living in Stanwood Washington stationed on the Ralph Johnson (DDG-114). Corona Virus is everywhere, and the normal life of Americans is shut down. Where we go from here should be some of the most interesting pieces in our history this far. Nothing has stopped us from starting our business, accomplishing careers, and setting forth a great life for our daughters, and nothing will! Follow us on our Journey, its bound to entertain at times.

We want Crafty Wife Sailor Life, LLC to become a variety of things. We love our country, service men and women, and we have a lot of fun designs wrapped around these two things and more. CWSL will give us an opportunity to get some education out to people who are or have experienced the things we have through Blogs. It will provide a source of fundraisers and donations to our favorite non-profits and allow everyone to get involved in doing something more. We will provide an awesome insight on service vulture through our store and designs. There is endless potential here, and we can not wait to see where it will take us and you. Your support is the only way we will succeed. Spread the word, share or like on Facebook and social pages, but most of all drive our ideas and products through feedback and email.


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