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The Credit Card Every Military Member Must Carry!

Do you keep hearing that a credit card is the last thing you need? You should keep your limits low and never use it? How about using your CREDIT LINE will effect your credit score? I'm here to tell you these are probably comments from those who could not manage credit use properly. This post is geared towards the American Express Platinum card, but if you want to learn more about proper credit card usage, follow through my finance category. Military members, this is a card that costs civilians $500 a year or more just to carry, and is completely free for Active Duty members and their spouses. Additional card members would normally cost 200-250 dollars a year, but not for our heroes. The perks are endless. Well at least there is plenty of them. Just for carrying the AMEX Platinum card you get Free monthly Uber credits which double in December, Hilton Honors Upgrades, Priority Pass lounge access (I know you sit in a lot of airports, why not relax why eating and drinking for free), discounts on hundreds of every day stores, 24 hour flight and hotel cancellation, no cost rental car insurance when you put the charge on the card. Imagine this, your command is about to fly you out for school and you can take a free Uber to the airport by using your card, then you get there early and don't know what to do. Login to your now free AMEX Perks or Priority pass to find a free airport lounge for you. Once inside you have free WiFi, Drinks, food, and usually fantastic service. YES, alcohol for free. This is my main reason for showing up to every flight hours in advance. Now that you are feeling good and stuffed you get on your flight. We always skip the in-flight meals and pay for WiFi due to the Airlines ridiculous fees, but now it can be covered. You can choose any airline, one time per year, with a 250 dollar reimbursement credit after you put it on your card. Yes again, free food and alcohol while you fly. Now you land at your destination and have to pick up your rental car. Have you ever looked at insurance add on fees with rental cars? They are outrageous. You are about to get a Ford Focus or Chevy Cruise for $22 a day right? Now way, its $31 additional in insurance, taxes, and fees. You probably guessed it, but swipe your AMEX Platinum card and waive the insurance because it covered. Now drive off in style by using that same money to get an upgrade to a car you fit in and along the way you can rack up rewards and travel miles at your favorite restaurants and stores. Did i mention its easy to manage your spending as the card is a NO BALANCE account meaning it must be paid in full at the end of the billing period (about 30 Days), but over time and adding spending power to your account you can request a normal carry balance card. Just because your not in the military does not mean you shouldn't carry this added benefit. If you travel a lot and want a great rewards card this may suit your needs as well and be well worth the yearly fees. The bottom line is you can have this card, have the perks, and never even carry a balance which I will post links and updated blogs on how to control and maintain proper finances. I spread this advice to my Sailors, friends, and family all the time and everyone comes back impressed. The goal is to help you understand the benefits out there your not using and are just flat out not being taught. If you have enjoyed this article please follow me and share so we can reach everyone needing this simple tip. Below is a link you can follow to sign up via my referral. And no the check will not hurt your credit! I am in now way affiliated with AMEX, but I do enjoy providing information for my brother and sisters out there. More to follow! #CraftyWifeSailorLife

Sign up for AMEX Platinum & view all information! AMEX REFERRAL

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Peter Lancieri-CWSL Owner
Peter Lancieri-CWSL Owner

UPDATE: Your Uber Credits are now available to use for UBER EATS!! -Pete CWSL

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